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Apr 27, 2024

Your Wellness Matters

Picture this: a universal truth we've all encountered - the moment when illness knocks on our door, when hospital stays become a temporary reality, or when we find ourselves dancing on the edge of the unknown. I can nod along to that experience. But have you ever noticed the whispers from our bodies before the storm hits?

Now, let me turn the spotlight on you - how's your health journey unfolding? Are you orchestrating a symphony of well-being, or are you leaving it to chance, hesitant due to the looming specter of exorbitant medical bills? They say health is wealth, and let's be real, prevention isn't just a catchphrase - it's a savvy, cost-effective, and time-efficient choice over scrambling for a cure later on.

Early detection, my friend, that's where the magic happens. Make it a ritual: swing by the hospital for a health tune-up, let your vital signs sing the song of good health. Keep tabs on your blood glucose, cholesterol, and lipids; give your peepers a regular check-up, and don't forget to peek at your liver's well-being. These aren't just checkboxes, they're the compass points of a healthy compass.

Now, let's talk about giving your body a workout. Take a stroll, liberate yourself from the tyranny of sedentary life. Want a bit of adventure? Hop on a bicycle; it's not just a ride, it's a calorie-burning journey rivaling even the swiftest jog or brisk walk.

Oh, and our trusty vehicles - those metal steeds of ours. Make sure they won't unexpectedly become harbingers of misfortune.

Here's a gem of wisdom I'm eager to share: consider diving into the realm of Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Health Insurance plans. Yes, I know, the mere mention of insurance might have previously brought tales of woe in Nigeria. But hold onto your hat! Times have changed since the old days. Insurance now spreads its wings over us, offering a safety net we can depend on.

There's a galaxy of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) out there, each with its own unique strengths. Now, I'm not here to hawk a particular brand, nor do I claim one is superior to the rest. It's all about doing your homework - find the one that fits your needs, your budget, and rest assured, your health will be in capable hands.

Hygeia HMO - AXA Mansard HMO - AVON HMO - Mediplan HMO - Healthcare International HMO - Reliance HMO - United Healthcare International - Lifeworth HMO Greenbay HMO

The list is endless or you can visit the NHIS office nearest to you (There is one at Herbert Macaulay Road Yaba and also at Ikeja.)

Remember, Prevention is better and less expensive than cure.